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Social media/ security needs?

Our county has been dealing with a true rash of home break-ins the last few months. They were pretty far away, until yesterday. Mike and I were in VA for the tax appointment, and daughter called him to say a small doublewide house across the highway from us had been hit.

Typical of most of these, the family had left fora few hours, came back to guns and flatscreen gone. We had decided to go ahead with an alarm installation last week, and the guy is set to come this morning...hoping he gets here before the ice storm arrives.

Other than that, we have locked away all the guns...have just received a drawer safe for the bedside pistol safety issue but ready access, with a child in the house almost every day. I have no valuable jewelry, and other than the televisions, the electronics like iPad and expensive smartphones leave when we do.

I hate having to alarm my home, but we gave in and did it at our getaway place last year. Needed this one as protected, for when we are gone, and so we would have warning if someone breaks in while we are here. As with most rural properties, it is next to impossible to secure every tool, without making getting to them to use a PITA.

A friend with our sheriff's department and I were discussing the potential for the sheriff to use social media to give the public advisories on this situation. We heard that the job yesterday involved an out-of-state license plate on a blue car. Mike says he has met that one in the road recently.

Have any of you got experience with local law enforcement using systems of social media or their reverse 9-1-1 calling setup, to inform the public of what to be watching out for, in cases like this? I haven't seen anything in the paper, and it is days old by the time it arrives, anyway. Suggestions, guys?

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Re: Social media/ security needs?

I have not heard of any social media use by law enforcement for this type of news dissemination.  It would seem to me to be fraught with some peril.  What is tweeted can be retweeted, I presume with commentary.  Hmmm.  I'd have to think about it. I'm sure the cops are not interested in arrousing a vigilante committee.

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