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Sometimes we are wrong

A second court has determined that the active
Ingredient in Roundup can cause cancer in man.
The most interesting comment made was by the
Head of the farmers group in a country in Europe.
"First Roundup....what's next ??"
Now gossip about how Bayer made a critical mistake
In the purchase of Monsanto...the liability...
The thing that makes my twitch is that "there was
Adequate insurance to cover "all claims".

This sounds somewhat familiar from the past...and
How did those work out....come to find out, internal
Memos showed there was a problem...while a good
Practice to carry product liability, it sounds as if
This was no small item.

Then, we have the users of said product...what's
Next they are going to take away !

Sometimes you can't buy pr that good, it just

Do you want use a product that has caused cancer ?
How about wife, kids, grand kids ??
You want to take a chance ?

Reminds me....a young couple falls in love with
Each other....the benefit from each other... Then
They find one lied to them.....then divorce

Oh....yes some will get on here....what are we to do !!
We must have it !!

I am on a fan of paraquat....I personally think it
Should be banned. ..I've know several people is a dangerous chemical.... according
To it's own label....yet we will have people here
Say, we must have it, there is nothing left.

Have we went so far as to risk our lives for a few
Extra bushels.

On of my local coops have banned paraquat from
What they will apply or sell.

I support this.

I don't know all the answers, but I do know the
Answer is not using chemicals that will kill people.

For pitty are applying this to food !!