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Sonny needs to be fired

I'm sorry folks, but that is starting to be my
Opinion. The issue of the USDA comming out
Saying 34% increase in production of wheat
Thusly causing prices to a bit much.
After all he is the head, and responsible.
Then questions on farm bill. No support for
Farmers, yet, like his boss, says one thing,
No raise in base price support, doing away with
Harvest price insurance option. The ethanol
Issue, trade issues, and a basic problem at
The cme.
At a time when farm income has dropped thru
The floor.

Sorry, in my opinion, lack of leadership.
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Honored Advisor

Re: Sonny needs to be fired

Your points were valid in 2015 also....... and your right  years and years and years without leadership.


Like the year the farm bill became a welfare bill....... no leadership just  feed my poor people....... and stop giving them commodities,  they need a cash equivalent and the dignity of voting for me.  Their nothing without me, their congressmen.

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Re: Sonny needs to be fired

Reminds  one  of  the  real  con servative   goings  on  -  win  one  for  the  gipper ,  Wilber R  commerce  sec. said  pain  before  gain  ?


He  never  mentioned  a  time  frame - - - 

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Re: Sonny needs to be fired

Will it really be pain. 


The stuff we complain about.  The lifestyle we demand is not 60 years old .................... 400 million spoiled brats who think politics is government........... and they have no responsibility in the process.  We are all victims of the political position that we can all steal from each other without consequences.


I do not want to our decendents in food lines or defending their back door, but this nation is economically bankrupt and corrupt down to the voters box.


So fire the latest appointee, it doesn't change the garbage that we have strive to be.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Sonny needs to be fired

Never count on a politician to be your savior. Work to eliminate the U.S government and CME from your farm as much as possible and you will be much happier.