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Well didn't long to teach him how to speak jebberish.
While commodity markets are low, we are going to
Rebuild rural America and strengthen the safety
Net !!!!

He then went on how he believes that high speed
Internet will have the same impact as the Rea program !!!

How can he get up there and lie like that ?
And he's supposed to be a man of God

I don't know about you but I fail to see how high
Speed internet is bigger than Rea...elec pumps
Our water, runs the augers, powers the welder,
Provides lighting......what's high speed internet going
To do.....the AG media is doing cartwheels over
It, but they are easily. Amused....they can't figure out
The difference between advertising and a news story.

We're going to rebuild rural America....well kinda
Right, we will be building in rural America, the people can leave little towns easier
To shop in big town so little store loses.

We are going to strengthen the safety net...oh?

Didn't give examples, going to cut crop insurance
And do away with harvest price option

But best for boxes.....I thought as a
Businessman he would see the folly in that.
The operations cost will be huge !!!

Note, his voice decreased in tone and volume
When he started to talk about that.

Yes 2018 is going to be a glorious year, with
Huge crops already projected, and the seed hasn't
Even been delivered yet.

Here are my area NC bids

Wheat. 443
Milo. 342
Corn. 347
Beans. 938

Please forgive me for not getting up and
Doing a happy dance. ,🚾
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Veteran Advisor

Re: Sonny

It may be he hopes that high speed internet will allow work from a wider variety of locations.  That maybe kids can stay in the local town and get a good paying job.


Of course, IBM and others are starting to pull in their tele-commuters and make them work in an office building.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Sonny

My kid is moving permanently to Silicon Valley, but that is against the trend, more people have started moving out than in.  So, with one day working remotely, it would be great that rural areas are up to snuff on technology to accommodate young people moving back.  Because the more I travel the more I see that farms are much bigger and one man may look after 15,000 hogs where as in Dad`s day it was a farrow to finish 80 sows and sale barn and hog buying stations and cafes and a small department store to buy Mom a present.  Well those days aren`t coming back.


A new rural America is emerging and we`re at a fork in the road.  Do we go the way of the Australian dessert? or have a high tech, small business, bed & breakfast, hobby farms micro breweries, wineries all in amongst the large farms that produce 90% of the food, fiber and fuel?  If we choose the latter, there has to be an infrastructure and that will take investment as it`s been neglected for 50yrs.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Sonny

BA, your view of the new rural America will not
Work. Those in the city don't want to go much
Further than 45 minutes from the metro.

Are you thinking the Walmart greeter or McDonald's
Employees going to show up to work via internet ?

The key to economic growth is industry...which
We have fewer and fewer of....we have talked
Ourselves to thinking we can operate on just
Service industry jobs......where has it got us ??
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Honored Advisor

Re: Sonny

Check out this "Iowa Entrepreneur" show, Elcheapo.  It`s a weekly show profiling a small company, those are good jobs and need high speed internet and other infrastructure.   There are two kinds of people, those who say "we can" and those that say "we can`t" and you know what?  They are both right.   



Iowa Entrepreneur

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Re: Sonny

I certainly have no desire to defend Sonny, but the rural infrastructure needs updating badly. 


The true potential of the internet is it’s ability to connect all facets of business and society without the need for proximity.  One does not need to be in the next office cubicle to have a face to face conversation.  Meaning, people who enjoy the amenities of the great outdoors can live there and still be as productive, perhaps more so, than before.  


Decentralization of infrastucture diminishes the destructive potential in a terrorist attack like we saw on 9-11.  No need to house everyone in a skyscraper that is a lucrative target for enemies.  


And this is but some some of the advantages.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Sonny

A  drivers-less tractor, driver-less combine, driver-less grain cart, to unload in your driver-less truck   - WaLa  - our  problems  solved ,  extra time to go to the conventions  - maybe ---


Oh  I  forgot driver-less ''' self propelled  planter ''' - no looking back &  spray rig  --- 

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Sonny

Then what good am I ?
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Senior Advisor

Re: Sonny

Hurry  up  broad  bad  - then you'll get your  answer ,  or call the sec ag , got'a question hot line - - -



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Veteran Advisor

Re: Sonny

289 you missed my comments on Tesla's
New semi....with the $25,000 option to
Make it driverless

You can order today !!!
200-400 miles range
(P.s. I'm serious, you CAN) order today !!)
A bit over
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