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Senior Advisor

Re: Sonny

'''''Beeee 4   you put  your  order  in , might check with your '' LiaBiLLity  Policy '' provider - I did just for interest & low & behold the  '''farm financial'' company agent saiiiddd  they were checking  inTuiT - ( Not My Provider) 


Those vehicles will be interesting getting repairs at your local collision center - when the un- occupied grain cart , backs into the vehicle - NOW WHAT ---


Collision repair on these will make more  $$$ than retail - IF the brainstorm get's ANY traction at all, ''recharge'' will evolve into a 4 letter word --- 


One of these days I going to stop by our local '' Truck Center '' & let the chorus ring out ---   

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Honored Advisor

Re: Sonny

Silicon valley will be buying farms in ks and iowa to prove it works.

And then apple execs will start a new insurance company to create a shadow liability company.  Now here we go farming for a new class of owners...

I saw it happen locally years ago when Austrian investors bought farm land in ks.  Finally after 25 years they stopped loosing money and decided european economics were not going to work in ks.




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Senior Advisor

Re: Sonny

Sonny,  looking out  for  US -  definitely  -  farms close to a major  R R track or US  Hwy, first on the list - if  SW  is on to something ---  Location, Location, Location   

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Sonny

Sonny makes speech that he is 100 percent
Behind ethanol

But trump is having meetings

Do I have to name off the number of times
The department heads have said something
And trump does the opposite ?
And what makes you think makes Sonny
Is so special ?
At least we now have a second in command
When Sonny is fired or he quits
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