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Re: Sorry

2 things 


rs   not sure I even understand the question but you bring up an interesting issue that is always goofy when thought out...


The attack in the plains is always based on "get the big guys out"  but the big accounts always subsidize the smaller accounts.


Look at those examples wcmo put in .........


That is a good example of insuring only the small guys..... the midwest large acre farm states compared to the east coast --- Kansas is obviously twice as much risk as Iowa, and Nebraska living on the best/most controlable water is somewhere in between...


But New york, Hawaii, and Florida     ----- Now who is subsidizing who,,,,,, and for what....??


Sounds like we are insuring uninsureable crop scenarios or scaming usda maybe. ??


Or is that what it looks like without the big guys in the midwest??  


And who backs federal crop insurance losses ??  


Do those losses become a greater liability to the taxpayers than the premium subsidy was ???


Are there details on the insurance losses in those east coast ag giants ??