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Re: Sorry

Well, so far farm subsidies shouldn`t be called "farm" subsidies, but rather consumer/voter cheap food policies.  I mean, people in the US are more worried that their smart phone is broken than are worried about where their next meal is coming from.  The landlords hear about a "ARC payment" or "Trump money" and raise the rent, the farmer doesn`t even take possession of the "socialist money" before some greedy old fart gets his hands on it for his cut.  The "Farm Bill" is 80% food stamps for hardup clowns with Nike shoes and a $1,000 I-Phone.  And the 20% that allegedly goes to farm operators passes through buying Buicks and Winnebagos for 75yr olds to drive to some Godforsaken "valley" in Texas.  


Most of us of late have only a big goose egg in subsidies the last 3 years, (Trump money notwithstanding) it won`t make or break anyone.  The "carrot" of a subsidy that`s dangled just out of reach is just a guarantee that if everything does go totally in the crapper, the banker is assured his pound of flesh, so he keeps the stream of ag money flowing.