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Re: "socialist farmers"

Sometime in the late 70`s as a 12yr old or so, I recall a segment on the 60 Minutes show when a high flying farmer that was hooked up with FHA.   Now this was before the "farm crisis", the FHA farmer said "FHA keeps pushing money on me, if I have a poor crop or bad year they force me to borrow more money!".   There were stories locally at the time that FHA forced farmers to buy a new pickup or anything every year and some thought it was a government plot to take over farming, grow the FHA farmers so big and in debt that government would have the say in production.   Well, we all know how that worked out in the 80`s....government and bankers did write off debts of some of the golden boys in the 80`s.


But back to my original point  Smiley Happy  The farmer in the 60 Minutes show said something I`ve never forgotten "With FHA I can`t fail!  My dad always said that communism is when they take away your right to fail and that`s what`s going on with the Farmers Home Administration...communism!"  .   It`s like the sub-prime housing debacle too that crashed finally in 2008.  It was free money for unafordable houses that worked until it didn`t.