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Re: "socialist farmers"

Ralph, that goes both ways, some that are "Left leaning" to make their case will say "you drive on public roads?  You call the fire department if there`s a fire? If your home was broken in, you`d call the police?  You sign up for the farm program and have subsidized crop insurance?....Weeeell congratulations, you`re a socialist!   Sooo, you better shut up about free healthcare, free college, basic income, ect, ect ect".


See, once the ball is rolling and there`s half the country willing to exploit it, where do we stop?   Reasonable people agree and have agreed about the need for a not for profit fire department, police department, roads and bridges.  All those things make our lives better, we pay into them and government can do it better.  Like schools in a low populated area, a private industry wouldn`t touch it or a farm where powerlines have to go 2 miles for just one farm.  A private power company would say "sorry, sucks to be you. we`re not spending $100,000 to bring electricity to just your farm!".


The problem is "mission creep" and you see a certain political party with about 20 clowns running and licking their chops for 2020, all trying to out promise the other in their quest to buy votes.