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Re: "socialist farmers"

It is easy to get lost in the traditional big things and loose focus....


Lets look at the  way this socialist country(USA) breaks it's own laws for those "Promises"  like determining which retailer I should buy my meds from.  Or the way Congress enables "not for profit" entities to compete in the market place tax free.-- so AARP can sell insurance.(sample) ...... including the private businesses government chooses to "like" and grants profit making status without tax burden.  Even the unproven technology that "sounds good".  Or the way not for profit education institutions generate huge endowment wealth tax free while competing in the entertainment public market place. ( or sell a diploma at prices way beyond the earning power of that diploma, enslaving young athletic supporters for decades).  Force you to buy a light bulb technology that requires night vision goggles to read.  Force you to buy a washing machine that thinks "grunting" is doing something by outlawing the competition.


...................... this can go on for years....... we have been living under the "wool" blinders for decades..... and americans love to get the "government" advantage over its neighbors....We are probably more socialist than Russia, envious of the totalitarian rule and loyalty of chinese, and will sell our children for political power.  everyone down to the guy in the back pew.