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Re: "socialist farmers"

A few years ago...quite a few years ago around here they were saying "Engalund is buyin` all our coal and our coal mines!" .   I don`t know, maybe that was when Maggie shut down her coal mines (because they run out of other people`s money to pay the high wages?).  The Kentucky moonshiners were more than happy to dig it out and send it over to Engalund. 


But Maggie was a "bad guy" she shut down the coal mines, the last two US presidential candidates that you voted for bragged how they were going to "break the coal mines" and they were "good guys" .  The President that I voted for and won is doing all he can to keep the coal mines open and some say "he`s a bad guy" thinks there are other issues beyond coal mining   Smiley Happy


But a president or a prime minister shouldn`t have the power to close a coal mine, unless they personally own it.   I don`t know the in`s and outs of Maggie`s deal, but I suppose it had something to do with not approving a coal miner`s wages shouldn`t be the same as that of a medical doctor, therefore no one would work for less than doctor`s wages.  So, they all took early pension and headed to the pub for a pint.