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Re: "socialist farmers"

Hey SW, that`s a good question, I think this has been going on so long that the parents didn`t know how serious this was.  But on one level I can understand a B level celebrity would want their little darlings in a university where you have status just for attending and getting the sweatshirt, they get their kids in there and hope some of the actual smart students might rub off on their kids. 


A "B celebrity" probably wouldn`t want their 2.5 gpa  kids in a state school or gasp! a community college Smiley Surprised  because they might befriend a commoner! I suppose the kids want to be a "Paris Hilton" or a Kardashian, talk about parties on You Tube and maybe get a reality show.   It`s a good gig being a professional celebrity, they have the looks and designer clothes, Stanford would be a much better vehicle for that  than "North Iowa Community College".  Smiley Happy 


Those Hallmark shows are some "bad actin` Tinactin" I don`t think there`ll be much trouble finding a bimbo to take Lori`s place.   But those pushing for free college will make hay on that story.