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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Soybean info on e-book

Iowa State has published the Soybean Disease book as an e-book.  That sounds interesting to me, as I'm no good at lugging books around int he pickup.  If I'm in the bean field, I'll have my cell phone, so I emailed the publisher to see if it would work on a smartphone and he said he didn't know.  It won't work on an iPad as it needs a Flash program.

A crop scout might like something like this on a tablet or portable computer, but for me, I think I would only use it electronically if it fit on my cell phone, which I'll always have with me.

Maybe this is the path of things to come.  All we need is one good application to get us interested in a product.  Pictures of the grandchile will get grandma on the computer.  Pictures of beans on my cell phone would get me to buy this product, which is quite cheap in the first place.

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