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Re: Spraying for Neighboring Farmers

Lets see what did you say.....

You want the coop to provide the customers, the licensing, the liability protection, the financing of the product, chemical and fertilizer storage and handling, guarantee of your payment whether or not the customer's check has cleared........

And you think you deserve all the application fee...???  Maybe they are not charging enough ..... Don't get me wrong you should not take a deal that does not pay for the hourly rate of your sprayer lease and a good hourly wage for your time. The money in spraying comes from acres per hour.  The hours are extreme and at odd times.  We get about 140 to160 acres per hour on the machine.  If your half that the pay is low.


IMO  you need to get the license and go into business for yourself.


If you try trading work you need to set a date in the future when you will evaluate how well you were paid.  Because if the $ per hour are so important at the Coop, how well is it going to go when there are no $ exchanged.. and what pays the lease.


If you are comfortable with your business management, then get the insurance and the license, advertise your services and go for it.


Otherwise do not flatter yourself by thinking the employer does not deserve anything for providing you a job.