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Re: Spraying for Neighboring Farmers

140 - 160 acres an hour ???? Dang it sw - Thanks for making me feel slow here - lol  Sounds like 120 booms and what ? 15 mph or so ?  About 700 to 900 a day is the best I can get , with 90's and 1,200 tank - but then you have fields that are 5 miles long and you can give her the reins !


2001 - Nothing much here for me to add - A lot of good advise above - One thing - The co-ops make - or most do - make money on the chemicals that you apply for them - that covers part of bringing you on + they get the acres covered - I can't think of to much that gets a farmers hackle's up quicker than NOT getting a field sprayed before it rains - then rain , then rains - lol   - They paid me the same as they charged - yet - I had the licenses - plus some of the insurance - 


I'm with sw - I would look at starting up your own business - There are some small time fert plants - on farms around here - matter of fact I do business with one  - they are covered up with work !!!


Just because the neighbors spray with out all the i's dotted means it's right that you can do it  - DO IT RIGHT ! it will open up doors for yeah !  reread what Jim said !


Leasing out ? Boy I don't know about that -  NOBODY - NOBODY  ! Drives my sprayer ! lol That comes from when I worked at Soil Service after college - In busy season - sometimes they would give me a day off - like a Sat or Sunday - and then somebody else would jump in MY truck !  As I had fixed it up pretty nice with High back bucks and a FM radio ! Then when I came back - MY truck was down ! One time a jackazz took out the tranny then I got to work on till  3 am dropping it out ! Another time they got it stuck and caught it on fire - SO had to rewire part of it - all in busy season - I finally took the keys out and with me ! Management was not happy with my decision on that one - lol BUT after a short talk with them - they laughed and said I did have a good point - but to leave the keys with them -


I don't know what the others think about this - But to me - it looks like a golden opportunity for a young guy to pursue !  Ken thinks - Go for it - with all insurance and licenses in place .


GOOD luck !