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Re: Spraying for Neighboring Farmers

2001 - Boy your testing my memory here - lol   you can get a RT = Registered Technician License - Which you must be supervised by a fully certified Applicator - This is the funny part - That can be done by phone contact with that person - I believe - unless it was changed . You have to have 8 CCH's in 5 years with this .


Then you have the Cat. 1 - fully certified applicator - then you have to have 20 CCH's in 5 years .


Really - all you have to do is take the test - but they offer a all day class to prep you for the test - also they offer reading material for you to study for the class and test - That is the best route here - the reading and class - when I took my test many moons ago there a lot of re-test guys in there -  there was a bug indent. section on there - that tripped up a lot right there .


There was a lot of just common knowledge on there to .


Anyway that's about it from Indiana - lol