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Standard management of delivery rooms in large-scale pastures

This article explains the standardized management of pasture delivery room from three parts

  1. Delivery room in large-scale pastures
  2. Hardware Facilities

Specialized delivery rooms must be set up for large-scale pastures. For the old pasture with balanced production, the feeding density should not exceed 80% by calculating the feeding space of each cow in the delivery room for one week. For the newly built mass calving pastures, we must also try our best to meet the delivery room space. We must complete the construction of delivery room facilities before calving production.

  1. Guarantee the management of delivery room

Sufficient staff, midwives, milkers, calf-feeders and veterinarians in delivery rooms must cooperate. Conduct the necessary training for the employees in the delivery room to ensure that they are competent for their respective positions. The calving season must ensure that people are on duty in turn within 24 hours.

  1. Guarantee the comfort of the delivery room and evaluate it.

Set up a calf production column for single-column feeding. The delivery room should be quiet and comfortable to avoid stress and threat to cows. Laying mattress can improve comfort, and the thickness is not less than 15 cm. Bedding grass should be regularly replaced and spray sterilized every day to reduce the incidence of puerperal diseases. Ensure good ventilation and lighting system. Ensure that dairy cows have sufficient and fresh feed and drinking water. Drinking tanks are equipped with heating facilities. Drink warm water in winter and clean the tanks every day.

Ⅱ. The production process of the delivery room

  1. Objectives of delivery room management

(1) Set up a calf-production column (at least 9㎡) and raise it in a single column. Ensure that more than 90% of dairy cows produce calves in the calving sector.

(2) Guarantee the comfort of the delivery room, provide sufficient fresh TMR diet and drinking water, can drink warm water in winter; no stress and interference. Timely replacement of bedding and padding, and regular disinfection, to ensure good hygiene of the delivery room.

(3) Do a good job of delivery room management, there are people on duty within 24 hours during calving season, and supervise its efficiency and effectiveness to ensure that the delivery room works well.

(4) The spontaneous rate was more than 80%, and the assistant rate was less than 15%, of which the assistant rate of first-born cattle was less than 20%, and that of midwifery cattle was less than 10%.

(5) The 24-hour survival rate of calves was more than 95%, of which the calves of the multiparous cattle were more than 97%, and the calves of the first-born cattle were more than 92%.

(6) The proportion of obstetric tract injury was less than 15% in first-born cattle and less than 10% in midwifery cattle.

(7) The morbidity target of placenta retention was less than 5%, and the control standard was less than 10% (12 hours after delivery).

  1. Transfer system

In order to reduce stress, transfer to the delivery room at least five days in advance to ensure that all cows deliver in the delivery room. On the one hand, in accordance with the expected date of delivery. On the other hand, in order to prevent premature cows from delivering in the perinatal cowshed, it is necessary to inspect the perinatal cowshed several times a day and find out the cows with signs of delivery as soon as possible. Signs of dairy cows about to give birth: cows nervous, restless, circling, frequent urination; swollen vagina, cool mucus, strong mobility; breast edema, good filling, full of colostrum; pelvic relaxation, sagittal relaxation, tail flexibility. When turning the herd, we must be patient to avoid the cow falling down.

At least 24 hours of postpartum care in the delivery room, complete the delivery room care process, and the placenta must be completely discharged before transferring to the new cowshed.

The third part is about Delivery Management.

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