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Stillage spill responsibility?

finally getting to the botton of what killed the Stony Creek.  VADEQ presented a briefing .tuesday evening, sharing that a spill of stillage from a small hog farm had essentially killed the creek afyer a heavt rain flushed it out of a wallow in Juky.  

Sixteen miles of serious impairments, i cluding killing an Endangered Species of fish.  The details given were the name of the ethanol producer, Vireol, at its hopewell, Va, plant.  A local trucking company moved the material, which has been certified as livestock feed by VDACS.  


Several farms in the county evidently received it. Appatently, it has goNe to farmers in at least 25 more counties.  


My question is: Who is responsible for stillage, once it leaves the ethanol plant?