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Super Bowl -Foods by the Numbers

Well my Friends - heres the numbers from last years Super Sunday - Pretty amasing to me , lol


50 million - yes 50 million cases of beer sold for today


people spent 184 Million for chips - alone

40 Million for pretzels

12 million for rice ckes

And that 184 millionfor chips -- well that equals out to 11.2 million pounds of spuds !

Tortilla chips = 8.2 million pounds

Avocado's = for dips = 79 million pounds

1.23 BILLION chicken wings = 100 million pounds


And Dominoe's has estimated that 11 million slices were sold on game day PLUS 300,000 online orders were made !


So here's my thoughts - folks - thats alot of food - that equals a lot of game day party's , right - Then you would think that with all them millions of parties going on - that aleast one - would have called me to come over and help get rid of all that beer and food - woudn't you think ? lol