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Surviving the spring planting rush

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Just glanced at a report from some Purdue Extension folks talking about safety during spring planting season and how tough it can be to stay patient while you're at the same time rushing to get everything done. Sort of a contradiction in terms -- rush to get it all done, but be patient while you do it! Nah, that's not really what the report says, but it does point out some tough circumstances that are common this time of year and some ways you can prepare yourself for the hustle and bustle of spring.


"Farmers often feel pressured to get out into the fields too early, and that can often cause problems," says Purdue's Bill Field. "Taking time now to get ready for planting season will prevent more mishaps in the long run."
The story also talks about how you can prepare yourself physically for planting season after what sometimes is a long winter layoff from the physical work. So, anybody been hitting the treadmill to get ready for spring?! Or, do you have a plan of action for preparing yourself for the transition into the busy season?