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Re: Not sure how you can call this "rowdy"

I will toss out an analogy: 


This discussion and this board, for the most part, operates along the lines of a formal martial arts - boxing, TKD, or even MMA - competitive match.  There are rules, and people here can disagree without becoming disagreeable.  It falls more along the lines of a formal debate, in that sense. 


Occasionally, there, may be a foul or low blow; but, the overall tenor of the speech here is controlled and civil. 


Ag forum, on the other hand, is a street brawl.  Fights aren't "fair"...and there is nothing sporting about the average argument on that board.  It is the equivalent of a screaming match over there. 

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Re: Double Standard

The overall issue of tax exemptions could be construed to have bearing on farming, though, Jim. 


I would imagine that most , if ntio all, of us, have filled out and provided 595-E forms to our suppliers.  Every time I walk into Tractor Supply, I can esily see which merchandies causes me to pay 7.5% state tax, and which things are tax free to us as farmers. 


When i buy farm shed materials, I ask Lowe's to honor the exemption, too.  If I saved the $40 for luimber for a couple of small sheds this weekend, and the next guy in line had to pay it, for the same items, I would think he might find that to be unfair. 


With the press full of "rich farmer" headlines these days, you have to wonder how long cash-strapped localities adn states will continue to give us this kind of a break.  Of course, many other businesses get exemptions, too...we are just one of the ones that iIwould say might appear to be low-hanging fruit to the tax man now. 


Another different example:  I will mail off the last permit application for our farm's mortality composting facility tomorrow.  Forget the RQIP cost share...let's talk only taxes here.   Since the facility will be utilized to address an environmental issue (or EQIP wouldn't touch it), I plan to apply to teh county for an exemption from real estate and equipment taxes on it. 


In our state, the law provides for exemptions from local real esate and equipment taxes for things that protect the environment.  Let's just say that a $70,000 item at our rate would  normally cost us an additional tax bill of almost $700 per year. 


I plan to ask the county tax commissioner to rule that this is an exempt building housing exempt machinery...because NC won't site the composters  - at least through EQIP - without the static secondary composting shed.    Other states allow the machine to be dropped on bare ground, with no support structures, and EQIP cost shares on them, too. 


Again, farmers aren;t the only ones who can ask for and receive the property tax exemptions for environmentally friendly installations and equipment; but, given our impact on natural resources if we aren't careful, we stand to gain quite a bit of them. 


Oh, and we can avoid equipment taxes in NC by putting our equipment to shed in VA in the wintertime, if we so tax on farm equipment there.  It matters where it's sitting on January 1.  Not worth the time and fuel to haul what little stuff we own outside of hog houses...but, you get my point. 


Throw this in with deferred or "present use" property tax valuations,  that allow farms and farming families to hold land and pay taxes at a much-reduced rate, and transfer it in the family wihtout rollbacks for five years of the difference.  While nto an "exemption", this is a very preferential treatment. 


If the mindset of government in tough times turns to gutting tax breaks, we as landowners are royally screwed.  Agritourism has already been treated differently than farming, for local tax purposes...and zoning law is rearing its ugly head on those operations, too. 


Very sticky wicket...and very appropriate to discuss in an ag business setting, to me. 





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Re: Is this critical agricultural business information?

Is this agriculture business?  I thought the forum was the appropriate place for this and any political post.  I fail to see how this is business related!!!

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Re: Is this critical agricultural business information?

If it is critical your almost a week late. I suggest you direct your complaint to management and or staff.

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