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Re: Tax Rates my take

Whoa there.  Think about what you are saying.  Crime  and laziness is rampant below the border because the "blue bloods" have controlled the wealth for years?  Just what do you think is evolving in this country?  Especially if some people get their way.

Much attention is made of the statistic that 40% don't pay taxes (or whatever the figure is).  But the statistic that 3% or less  (whatever that figure is) control the high percentage of wealth that they do is conveniently ignored along with all the ramifications that come with a country in that situation.


As our president tried to point out to all the knuckleheads in this country we are at a time and place that will decide exactly what our country will look like in the future.


Myself I would like a country that is nice for the majority of people not the elite.  Even if that elite thinks they are so much better and work so much harder than the majority.


I not saying that there are not changes that need to be made.  Programs that need to change, an entitlement mentality that needs to change but is it worth destroying a good portion of our population so the few can feel high and mighty.