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Techno sales pressure

I will admit there are continuing improvements in the economy from technology.  Even the JD technicians diagnose faster. (well there was no place to go but up and get better---and it might have been worth those years of the tech sitting in my seat reading a manuel and charging me for his education)

But when it comes to the price you pay for a technology---- the amount --if you can find it...and add it all up.

Since Autosteer, are you really sure that anything else has been worth the price????

When did you first realize that the big cost to technology was its tragicly short life?   The next update that costs as much as the original means the original only had two crops to pay out.  It went from $4 an acre to $32 an acre the moment you realized it wasn't going to last as long as the tires on the tractor because it needed more connectivity??????

WiFi seems to be the latest thing I hate.  No matter how much it improves it is never going to be adequate for the latest $4/acre ($32 reality)

There needs to be a day of reckoning for the tech industry.........   Maybe somebody is working on that.

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Re: Techno sales pressure

Example   -  radial  tires   -  great   ,  then,  now  day'Z ,    20 inch  rims  on  newer  1/2   ton  vehicles,  which  leads  to    - 

ABSORBENT    $$$$$$$$$   -  net  gain  O  -  -  - 

Leading  to  the   OLD  story  of  the  price  of  crude,  caused  tire  production ,   pricing ,   inflation ,    ah,   hold  the  phone  on  that  myth   -  ?     

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Re: Techno sales pressure

Also,   I'm  keeping  in  mind  how  many  $50 /  head  profits  from  fat  cattle  marketing's  would  buy  that  new  '' $100 K ''  pickup  rig,  and  then  the  following   year,   a  new ,   fully  decked  out   ,  say  3  axle  aluminum  extra  ranch  hand' Z   -  -  -      

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