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Honored Advisor

Thanks for storm shelter info

Several of you were kind enough to take time to give me input on the subject of storm shelters earlier in the week.  This is to thank each of you for that support again.


After much consideration, the arrival (in todays mail) of a requested purchase agreement from the company whose product I selected,  and a discussion with Mike just an hour or so ago, I am happy to say we have agreed upon this safety step for our family.  We need to refine the location decision, but that is something we can easily do in the leadtime between now and delivery, which will take several weeks. 


After your input here, we have also agreed that we need to place shelters at both ends of the farm: one in our yard, and another in our daughter's yard as well.  The distance between is just too great to traverse, in the event that the threat of a tornado is imminent.  The employee's family is pretty close to the middle, so can evacuate to shelter in either direction. 


Mike was very receptive to the idea.  He phrased it precisely along the lines of it being worth every cent, with the hope that it it is all wasted due to never being used.   


We were warned of the possibility of twisters on Friday, when a storm system moved through the area.  He knew I had been anxious about it, especially since our grandson was in my care during the hours of highest concern. 


When I told him what the cost of the unit and delivery were to be, he simply said,
"Is that all it costs for that much peace of mind?" 


He was in full agreement that the second shelter at the kids' house makes sense, too.  We haven't had a chance to talk with them about it yet, but I know they will welcome this safety measure. 


He even seeemd to like the odea of tying in our outdoor grilling area, with the shelter between the house's back door and near the garden. 


All we need to do as a family now is figure out precise locations, and level them in preparation for the installation....and pick out paint colors for the exteriors.  Meanwhile, we'll be assembling the shelter contents.  As I said last week, most of them are already here on the farm, in various locations already, so it's mostly a matter of pulling them togetehr.   


Again, thanks to all of those who gave me so much useful and thoughtful information from your experience.  This is not something we grew up dealing with, but it is in our face everytime we turn around now.  Good to know we have friends willing to help us plan for our protection. 


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