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Re: The Latest on Boersen Farms. Click on link.

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It is always a matter of $$$$$$....


Where do you place the $$ to do the most good?  And who do you listen to in lobbying circles to solve the biggest problems?  And who do you help to keep the election funds flowing??

The more limited funds are in all areas the more we go to the larger capitalized units.....


In 2008 where did the fed pump $$$ too .................. not small farms or individual workers, small banks or local communities..... big banks and Large labor unions through the auto industry.  Nationalizing industries that were failing, but considered too dangerous to allow to fail.  A small main street business failure is not a national threat.


The mechanical and technical ability of agriculture to produce is shocking and should be scaring small farms but also the worlds ag. labor force.  We are applying what has been true in the US to the rest of the world.  Fewer are needed to produce.  It may look too expensive now but like the Personal Computer.... that $5,000 personal assistant can now be bought at walmart for $500.  The world is not producing food and fiber with a harnessed animal, and despite the "progressive nostalgia" sickness, the world will get those have those half million dollar combines at a price that beats hand labor....