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The big money behind buying organic or "NO GMO"

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Rob Saik, owner of Canadian farm consultancy Agri-trend, is author of today's quotes at the Congress of the National Association of No-Tillage Farmers of Argentina that I want to share with you. Saik unveiled at his lecture the 2014 revenue numbers of Monsanto, always described as "the evil company", and the U.S. based supermarket chain Whole Foods.The revenues are quite similar.


"The buy organic and buy non-gmo labels now are very appealing to consumers. Mostly, they lie about the product because everything nowadays is GMO. So people are making a lot of money out of fear. Another proof is the money coming from affiliations to big NGOs such as Greenpeace," said Saik.


The consultant took the opportunity to do fundraising for a movie. KNOW GMO (Instead of No GMO) will be launched in the spring of 2016. It might tell the real stories of farmers using GMO in the U.S., Canada and Argentina and the benefits that it brought to commonities starting with a case in Hawai, which brought resistance to a virus on papayas. In Argentina, he might record quotes of farmers and doctors belying the accusations of other documentaries.


According to Saik, the idea came after he found himself answering unfounded remarks about GMO all the time and the only organization which supported him with the documentary was one Canadian province. If you want to donate for the project, you can find how at