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Re: The fight for technology.....

SW, this subject is something I have been thinking for a while now.  We have point row shut offs on our planter.  For our odd shaped fields and hills they are a god send.  Also variable rate is good, but other than that I'm getting less sold on the idea that all technology is necessary..  Does having a piece of equipment sending data to an i pad or even a third party in real time make that much of difference in the end?  I'm not against technology but with margins where they are now it MUST pay for itself not just be a really cool toy.  My 1980 Case 2390 I just bought has the same 160 hp that I need to pull the planter as the 15 year old AGCO I just sold had.  May not be as comfortable but at least when it breaks down I have a reasonable chance of repairing it myself vs calling the dealer and saying it wont move and there is an error code flashing.  Also now have no payment either.