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Re: The fight for technology.....

SW, when all you bigshots have driverless tractors, I`m gonna start a new niche market that my corn and beans were grown by a farmer that was actually on the tractor seat and i`ll command a tidy premium.   Smiley Happy 



But, this technology will get better and cheaper..kind of like power windows in a pickup are now a necessity, I don`t even know if you could get crank windows anymore.


Alot of the real real Bigshots lease their machinery anyway so when the problems crop up, it`s someone elses problem.  Even like my rinky dink skidloader, the insturment panel got a short and it was dead in the water, I had to have the service man out to put in a new one.  So, much safety crap you can`t wire around it, parking brake light has to be off, you have to be in the seat with seatbelt light off or it`s no go.  By the time you do all that crap, the hogs are getting out of the pen  Smiley Happy