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Re: The fight for technology.....

sw, I was thinking about this just yesterday.  My BIL who owned a dealership (passed away last year) once said, "technology is great when it works."  I would just love to up-grade my larger tractor to a full power-shift before I quit farming but the o'l gal just keeps running.  Engine has been over-hauled, had it re-painted, new cab kit and so on and I'm refusing to "trade up" because I do not want the trouble and expense that may come with the newer models.  I have a newer mid-sized tractor that has some electrical problem that I have spent thousands on and still not fully fixed.  Fixing technical problems in a dealer's shop can get expensive if not covered. Even the "doodad's" can cost a lot.  Paying for technical support and extended warranty when buying a newer tractor will be costly but maybe necessary, or rent, or stay with older tractors.

westeria80,  I like your approach with an older tractor, yet putting technology where it pays for you, your row-shut offs on your planter.  I have waisted a lot of seed over the years planting small contoured fields.

16* with about a 3inch snow cover here.  We signed and paid our income taxes today.  I'm sure it was spent long ago.