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Re: The fight for technology.....

John Deere already says you "license" but do not own the software in their tractors.  So you can't legally chip the machine.

It's hard for me to believe that people who have access to your information will not use it for their own purposes if it is to their advantage. 

As you point out, it is getting harder and harder to own software.  Microsoft is leading the trend to charging a subscription on an annual or other basis for using software, and you may not even be able to put it on your machine but have to use it from the cloud (if you can reach the cloud).

As you generate more and more information, there is more and more incentive for others to want to have access to it for regulatory or business reasons.  Farmers can expect to be sued for access to records just as car owners can be required to give access to the history stored in their car memories.

If one looks at the history of aviation, one sees that now airliners can land under some circumstances in zero visibliity with no human at the controls.  Technology is getting more affordable and we have all seen instances where capital is preferred over labor.  The classic example is how long it took large round balers to overtake small square balers in making hay.

Your predictions are spot on in my opinion.

When there is enough information so that the woman at a desk in Chicago knows as much about your side hill seep, clay knob, glacial till and wetland as you do, it may be only money and technology that keep her from watching her robot machinery plant, fertilize and harvest, all the while respecting your gravestone on the peak of that nice ridge you enjoy resting on.