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The illusion of value

I sold a truck last week for more than I paid for it. Bought in 2009 used. I knee jerk thought, “ya don’t see that very often”.
But that thought is wrong. In farming we see it a lot. In fact if you keep something long enough, in good repair, it’s almost a guarantee. My wife reminds me often. 🛠
I counter with maintenance costs and she doesn’t buy it.
Inflation and increased debt load as a society drive the process. We should never lie to each other but on this subject I find a good test for politicians.
Think about this long enough and you might reach my conclusion.
The best investment we can make in every new item or project is allowing it enough “time” to reach its full potential.
The worst investments we make are the ones that are obsolete long before the purchase costs are paid.
Seed technology comes to mind....