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The next phase in agriculture

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Had a good round table discussion today, cool and wet outside...and people moods were rather low.


We see another stage in agriculture coming......the days of the grain elevator is numbered.....yes, those of you that have

cooperatives that are going nuts building concrete bins and the like, will be having a difficult time in a few years from now.


What is coming will turn things upside down on it's head.........


contract production.....I think it's been talked about here before, but we are getting closer.....we used to call it special crops and 

we had to keep the crops separated.


the next phase is, companys will have seed, with specific traits they want, say for wheat, high protein, or certain amino acids, etc.

this has a value to the company...they will have seed produced that will have these will raise these traits, and

in the way in the contract, and directed by the company rep, such things as chemical, fert, will then harvest, and

put in bin, the rep will come out and measure.....also that bin you have put up, must also have a grain monitoring system,

and is hooked to wifi, and you, and the company can monitor...........when production is needed at the mill/bakery, you

will be called, and a semi will be on it's way............


think this is the the fellows that grow vegtables........

the days of the mixed grades in the grains is going to come to the end.  

will this be better for the farmer..........what do you think.....only 1 market, one bid........if you don't want it, raise the "common grade" where

the price is low.

the only marketing you will do is, trying to lock in the lowest input costs, so buying futures on fertilizers, ship fert yourself from the

river, same keeping energy cost low, etc.

but what of the poor CME.....oh they will still be around, scalping everyone...some of the crop will be "common", and used for 

moonshine (also seed will be developed to make higher etho output, and easier to make into etho), same for feed, lines will be

developed that will have selected amino acids, etc, etc...) but if there will be little use of what you raise since it's "common" and

you haul it to an elevator, that will need to also make money on it, you think it will be possible to make


This has also happened in the chicken, pretty much so in the hog industry.......they are working on it in the beef industry.....

so why do you think grains are so special ?


yep, was a real bright place outlook like that....and a real concern that someone just can't wait

to get us into a shooting match, that could get out of control very fast from a fellow that tried to get out

of the military several times, and was finally stamped 4F.....couldn't be a soldier, but can send them to their death.


forgot to mention, health insurance, some checked theirs on the only company that is giving quotes for the state

right now.....most are shaking their heads, how they are going to do it.....just about everyone said they are going to

go with the bronze to make it cheaper, but also $6500 before company pays any.  A couple were going to try

to do the gold, because they had kids that had medical problems.


one supporter of the successful runner was starting to get unhappy, his concern was health insurance, and the worry

that NK could get bloody


a lot of cream and sugar used today, and seems like everyone had both a doughnut and a long john.