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Re: The next phase in agriculture

BA that's what the neighbor did.  He needed to upgrade tractors, but he said it just wouldn't work out, so that is now what he does.

He is a very valuable asset to the BTO, he's older, has a few brains between his ears, the BTO asks him what he thinks and

takes his advice.

In return, he has almost a full time job, good pay, and he works his own ground, or the whole outfit moves in and does it, just

depends how things are going.

I guess you could look at it, on the ground side, you might be loosing by not doing it yourself, but on the other side, is getting a 

nice donation twards the bills each month.


I think the way things are going, storage might be the key.  From basis gain, if doing local, or if you want to go further to the

still's, crush plants or mills, usually have to store and deliver later.

but that adds a level of skill to keep the grain in condition.  You must also do your homework on marketing also.

Then the issue of getting the grains there.  Personally I don't look forward to driving a semi 80 to 100 miles on the cost of the truck and maintance.  I am told by several that you can't afford to own a semi and you can

get it hauled cheaper than own the truck.



SW in some ways you are correct, keeping your name at the top of the list. yes being a good "supplier" is good.  Also giving

a Christmas gift, in july and decemeber, also helps them to remember you.  People ask why do I do that, it's not needed,

but I tell them "it's business"..


It is true tho, at the big boy places, at one place I go, they know you  but they don't smile and say hello when you

walk in.......they are a big grain company, but boy watch one of the big boys waltz in, and it's smiles around, called

by first name, and everything else.


The key tho about traveling with your product, you  want a unique product...either clean, etc, some times its

better in the long run to hual local, and play the market like a fine tuned might end up making many at that point, are you a farmer or an "investor"