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Re: The next phase in agriculture

Yes, I`m sick of the repair bills, I think to really afford a semi, you need to be on the road weekly with...oh yeah a "$25,000 tractor and $20,000 trailer"..but you better have good luck with it, getting it towed home and the cab up sitting in the shop, you better be sitting down when you get the bill.  Buying stuff is easy, keeping it running isn`t or cheap.


And I think this is going to eventually push many mid-size independent farmers out.   This stuff is so complicated and high priced to fix and to fix a "good used" one can easily cost more than what you paid for the machine.  


And I look at a BTO crew pull into a 200 acre field at 10am when I leave and when I get back at 6pm they`re going down the last round, all done.  I think "that would take me the best part of 3 days if there wasn`t a breakdown"  well how long before many of us connect the dots?  Water flows to the path of least resistance and if you have kids on both coasts and grandkids coming along, it would be nice to actually take the month of January off and have someone give you a paycheck besides.