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Re: The next phase in agriculture

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BA it could be a good move, but getting a bto that
Will treat you well, might be the hard part. A number
Of them have their nose pretty high, and look down
On others, esp the hired help...and all kinds of
Yep, at times it is cheaper to buy a different one
Rather than fix. Around here labor is $75 an hour
To start on not far behind...
Go to JD better than $100.....if your good with a
Wrench, and could stand it 8 hr a day every day.
But, the dealers are even laying off shop people
When things are slow (and things are slow)
Notice they don't get rid of salesman, which would
Be my first pick.

I'll be watching for you on TV when you get to
Go to the tournament of roses parade...and

the next year at times square at new york when

the clock strikes 12 new years eve...(hint, grab

Mrs. BA at midnight, not the 20 something blonde,

model standing by you.....if you dont, you will not

need to worry about how much seed corn is a bag

or get the equipment fixed, or how much it does or

doesnt rain, Mrs. BA will want her share, in cash)