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Re: The next phase in agriculture

One thing though about going to the John Deere shop, if they say "it`ll be $5,796", that is what it`ll be within 20 bucks.   Other places that have a cheaper hourly rate, might be what they say or twice the estimate.  I had a small tractor overhauled and the bill was over twice his estimate, that`s kind of a shocker when your checkbook was sweating at the original quote to begin with.   But I see how he operates, the cronies come in for morning coffee at his shop and his meter is still running while he BS`s and slurps coffee, then he needs a lock washer, so with the meter still running he buys a fricken lock washer made of gold at NAPA and drives back to the shop....but "Oh I oooonly charge $xx.xx/hr!"..   yeah, okay.


There`s good BTOs and some not so good, it is hard for them to find help with a CDL, some risk it and hire anyone.   It seems they`ve run out of retired farmers in the hiring pool, retirees nowadays want to head for the valley in Texas as soon as the leaves turn.  The yahoos that are left might have trouble with a urine test and a 90,000lb truck in the BTO`s name gets in a accident??? Uff-dah!


But I`m thinking outloud, I`m the last generation on the land in my family the way it appears, so there`s no need to put up silos and buy land and such.  I just don`t know about machinery 5-10yrs from now, some of these lease deals make a guy think about it, that way you have the latest stuff and it`s always under warranty.