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Think Harvest Safety

20 foot combine heads on a narrow, country road.  The poor guy who can't afford a 30' head on a trailer.  🙂


Working under a head without locking it up.  Gets a few many years.


Grain bins - dry the corn down right and it won't crust so you won't end up in the bin when you shouldn't be.




Heavy loads, maybe overladed,   Young kids on big machinery.


Got any "what was I thinkinig of moments to share?"


20 years ago I had a young girl playing on a wagon show me how fast one could get caught by flowing grain.  No harm done but an indelible lesson etched in my brain.

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Re: Think Harvest Safety

Great post


Trucks on the road with sizeable loads and young drivers.


Grain trucks being operated by young and inexperienced --------- Yesterday,,,, sitting beside a HMcorn pit (20 ft deep),  watching a young foreign worker being dumped into a conveyor shooting corn down into the grinder crew below,    Truck sitting on a forward slope that requires good brakes to hold as a crew dumps both hoppers,   I witnessed the young man exit the truck and walk out behind it to take pictures.

I was holding my brakes behind him and shaking my head....  He may be mid 20's and able to pass the CDL, but I would have sent him home on the spot if he were one of out drivers.  

The equipment has improved over the years, but that is not a reason to take chances..

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