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Re: Thoughts On Corn-Bean Rotation

Yes sw - Your right - I reread it and seen I had pulled a bone'r and then my pos Frontier service went down - as it do's about 10 times a day - and I forgot to TRY and get back on and --- say - that I had screwed up -  Nice post there Jimmy - thanks for puting it up  Smiley Happy

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Re: Thoughts On Corn-Bean Rotation

Or in the ECB where SRWW is an option, CSCSW.


Typically use a non-cyst resistant soy variety in the first year, a resistant in the second. Non-gmo corn with no rootworm insecticide following wheat, either RWBT or insecticide in the second.


This year 100 bpa wheat was easily achievable which competes very well with 50 bu beans. Problerm is some also went to 0 if they didn't get it out fast or were just in the wrong place.


That's an unfortunate reality with wheat and the reason why large operators have mostly given up on it.


FWIW, my old rule of thumb based on my own experience was a 12 bu/a drag on corn after corn, a 4 bpa bump in bean yields for 2 years off rotation.

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