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Re: Time for a notrogen price fixing class action

Well nitrogen is over a third less than it was in the hay day of corn prices.  I paid over 60¢/unit a few years ago, this spring i paid 40¢, I`m probably getting ripped off because it`ll go lower...won`t be the first time.  But I think we`ll get slightly raped this spring on N prices, but it`ll drop big time next year.  I don`t know the critiria for a class action suit, but I think it`d be a uphill climb.


Speaking of lawsuits, that Syngenta suit, I never signed on and the other day some ambulance chasers still hadn`t given up on me and sent me a bait letter.  Now I see there`s a lawsuit if you ever sprayed Roundup you can sue because you might get cancer and I think that includes even homeowners that just spray their sidewalk cracks.