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Re: Time for a notrogen price fixing class action

The bog problems with N statred many years ago , I should have did some research on this before posting - but will just shoot from thr hip , Looking back in time - when I was a young guy - I got to tour a N plant near Terra Haute IN

Never will will forget it - they had 5,500 hp electric motors to compress the Natural Gas to turn it to N then they had a prilling tower where they made dry pellet types of N - The point of story is that back in the day - every major company had there own N plants - Then Big Brother steps in with more and more regulations - It got to where they could not afford to build the new plants to meet the new rules - until just the last few years most if not all N was imported from  Trinidad and other foreigin countrys , Of couase they don't play the games that our companies had too , plus they had very cheap Gas to make it from .  I really need to look this part up before I write but what the heck - So here go's - In the last few years - some foreign country buil a brand new N plant in Southern IN on the Ohio - State of the art - If anybody has time - look and see how many -- new plants have been built - my guess is not many - Now some are thinking price fixing - well it woud be a lot easyier today that in the past - there are just a few companys to make it .


Nox posted on another tread about they will charge what the maket will stand - Nox - that was a keeper there and 100% right on the money !!!!!!!