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To me 'organic' farming PLUS natural cover is the way the Amish do it and the way I would do it.

Some people call non-organic farming "conventional" farming but I feel "organic" farming is the way man cultivated food since ag began millenia ago in human history, predating the bible, with the addition of breeding by natural cover. 


In Christ's time there were no chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetic engineering. Female animals were gotten pregnant and female birds' eggs were made to hatch when males of their respective species mounted them. 


I would coin the term "organic plus" farming to mean:


-all the USDA criteria for "certified organic"




-all livestock animals to be bred by natural cover.....artificial insemination, cloning, conception in vitro and embryo transplants are out


Unlike the Amish, I would still have mechanized crop production at least in part: tractors, combines, hayers and such.


Like the Amish I would never own or breed mules. Only horses, asses and oxen as draft animals for me if ever used for farm work. 

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