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Tomato beer or chelada ?

rain again last night.......will take a day or so until I can do some things, but do have some things I could be doing.  I stayed in bed later

this urgent thing to do in the morning, since it rained......modern technology is somewhat nice.......I grabbed my smart phone

by the bed, and pulled up the wx data.....saw how much rain, so didn't get in a hurry getting up.

my how has technology used to be you had to run outside in your underware with your slippers on, avoiding the

mudholes, to check the rainguage on wet, damp days like this morning.....hoping nobody would drive by and see you out there.


Tempted to have a tomato beer.....yes, big drinker here, I get the little 6 or 8 oz cans of beer  and mix it with my tomato juice...I like

campbells tomato juice, but have switched to always save, which is over $1 a can cheaper.  I have tasted the chelada, which I thought

wasn't bad the first few sips....but the more that goes down, the more that wants to come up !!!  I've got to stuggle to get it down.

They have a new one now that is chelada picante, which has more hot peppers in it, which may or may not make it better, at least

it would go down faster, so the heat would not last as long. does this relate to farm business ????

(sorry, I've been keeping track of things in Washington too get lost in the twist and turns)


Was thinking this morning, how do we get out of this mess......basically there is too much grain in the world...or ever you want

to define it.

we need to do 1 of 2 things.......either produce less, or use/eat what we have.  Years ago, I posed a similar question to a person that

I consider intelligent and well connected.  The answer was that there was not too much food in the's a lack of the ability

to distribute the food available....not a real transportation problem, but the people getting (affording) the food.

Today in this world, we have people starving every minute, and die every minute because they had no food....yet, on the same planet,

we have huge piles of grain, that the farmers that produced it, are unhappy about due to the low prices that make them little if any

money....the LOGICAL thing would be that the hungry get the food, and somehow the farmers would get paid a better price.

sometimes the best soluation is the most simple soluation.......even the lord god thinks this is a good plan....don't you think he wants

his people to eat......and not be hungry ?

the second option is to produce two best programs is either increase CRP or go back to the good ole days when you would

need to leave out so many acres. CRP would be a direct pay out/expense while the set aside would not be, but we would have to

have something in the farm program to justify the set aside, in the farmers eyes

I see sonney is now talking and making changes....he says exports are the starting to have different thoughts.  I know I mentioned

the above "feed the world" idea....but I think rather than export everything, we need to find uses locally...many people, including

Farm Bureau (wake up BA), need to get over this idea that the American farmer is the least cost producer...they tend to get the

least cost and most efficient confused.  Our cost of production/operations is higher for American farmers, than some farmers

in other areas.  Also on the export...with the current administration, the trade policy (or lack thereof) is just plain silly (I wanted to

use a different word). 

Now....I want you to know, I haven't touched my tomato beer.....nor any other sprits.....but thinking about all of this, I'm going

to say this....which should double or triple this websites traffic  (as the old saying goes, you just can't by PR like this) goes.....WE NEED A BUNCH OF DEMOCRATS IN WASHINGTON..........

I can see the beet red color coming into everyone's cheeks....the vessles in the neck are starting to stick out, sweat is coming out

of the pores on the head, pulse rate just went up 20 beats, and blood pressue up at least 30 mm

We need some sort of stimus package for the country.....rural America and the remainder of America....we need to forge some

trade plans, we need to figure out some way to make the world more stable and safe.

We have seen trump and the whole lot of republicans in Washington just can't understand it, that the bulk of the people they

serve, and who voted for them, are hurting, and their policys and actions are actually hurting the very people they are to serve.

First, we need to figure out this depressed rural economy....I was told every dollar spent, will recycle 20 times....that in economic

terms is good...I think we need to seriously need to look at some sort of short term crp program, that will help lower carry over,

and provide some positive income for producers.  The iowa people will be happy, since many of those acres will be on

the "fringe"...due to the low rates offered, only those producers will be attracted to addition, we need to do more "food for peace"

to help us get rid of the big piles, and to find a future way to help lower, put us as the good guys again.

I know there are problems with that, but there are areas in the world where there is no food, and even if someone does

somehow raise a crop, the locals can't afford to buy.....that is the situation we need to address, not compete with the local

farmers.  Also, in these such hopeless situation, seeds of future hate is sown.....I believe this would be the best investment of

"herbicide" to kill those plants that produce hate seed. do we pay for this.......a couple of things.....ask the hunting groups to kick in some........if we would take away the money

the spend of lobbying, that would help.....the second......((and now I really need a drink, i'm about to agree with BA))....forget about

building the wall....20 billion dollars plus !!!!  the most effective wall is to fallow the current rules.....the poor people looking for a better

life from mexico, may not come, if they could not find jobs.....there are laws on the books now, that prohibit employment of these folks,

perhaps it's just as simple to enforce the law ???  could have a similar effect, and  save 20 billion dollars !

we also need to figure out our energy is a "mission critical" item, it is very high on security....for those that disagree,

remember back in the 70's when our oil was shut off by a bunch of men wearing bedsheets, with turbines on their heads riding camels.

I haven't.  sometimes if you suffer you remember and you gain what is important....that is what happened in Europe, they starved,

thus, food/agriculture is important, same as when the oil was shut off.

but...we want to drill drill drill, use coal, etc......yet, we have biofuels, wind energy, and solar (tesla has just jumped into the

hope solar powered home business).....we need to figure it out so we don't go in all directions.

healthcare........this impacts EVERY American.  Obamacare was the FIRST step, it got us over the hurdle of pre-existing condtions,

and everyone having insurance...was it it need work.....yes...........but the Washington crowd just couldn't

stand it.....tell me, if you have a piece of equipment that has problems, do you throw it over the creekbank, or do you work on it ?

The current healthcare plan is a DISASTER...those that voted had no clue, nor wanted a clue, that just had it in their minds

it's got to be changed, no matter, despite all of trumps and the republicans, more and more insurance companys

announce pulling out.

We need some peole with level heads, who have a true concern with the subject, to figure it out, not a bunch that want to

control, or say one party is better than the other........


That should be enough to get you started......going to eat dinner.......bolo sandwich, with a leaf of lettace, with some salad dressing,

a few no salt potato chips, mixed vegtables and can of Walmart diet dr. thunder pop.


let the games begin !!!




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Re: Tomato beer or chelada ?

Smiley Very Happy   Okay that`s funny ElCheapo.     Here`s the problem, most of the farmers "here" and in the Farm Bureau meeting rooms all pooh pooh the idea of supply management, they will tell you "If we lay land idle, they`ll just produce more in Brazil"  ...and then we`ll lose out on selling grain below cost of production, I me that`s not so much fun, but I`m a victim of peer pressure here.


In my opinion a workable stimulus package would be simple, put tariffs on parts and oil filters coming into the country which would make foreign produced goods more expensive and small factories would open up again in the rust belt, utilizing American labor.  I am sure that the displaced oil filter factory worker is sick of working part time at Dollar General and Kwik Stop for minny wage, they would love to have back their $23/hr factory job.   ...When oil filter factories moved to Mexico, I didn`t see a drop in oil filter prices, did anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?...well by God, bring `em back!


I don`t want to be the Lutheran that has to tell the kiddos that there ain`t no Santa Claus, but this "starving people around the world" business.  You have to consider if they are living in a desert and over populated and you`re a goodie goodie Bill Gates type and deliver a bunch of food, yes you feel good about yourself and everything, but 9 months from now you`ll have more over population and 18 months later more population and 27 months later even more population.  Like it or not, these starving people have got to figure out on their own what`s causing their over population or it`s like a dog chasing his tail.

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Re: Tomato beer or chelada ?

I have to admit, I'm disappointed on the few responses, I figured the screen would just scroll and scroll with comments.....

Guess the shock value is wearing off.


BA.....I agree, I don't quite understand the logic of worry about south America getting the business.  If it just isn't working for us, we need

to look at something else.

While your at one of the FB meetings, and passing around the jug, got an idea for you. (don't know, they might not invite you back

tho)....float the idea of starting a agriculture/farmers group insurance plan.  my people have been telling me since the pre-existing

conditions were no longer an issue, that there was not that much advantage of forming a group.

BUT NOW, the applecart has been upset, and we will have "ratings" back into the system, while true, pre-existing will not be an

issue, the rating will be, so, as a way to help us "aging and senile" farmers, a group might be the time to go, and state by state

would be good, but even better, a national, where the young, active and well iowa corn farmers, can help us old, broken down

Kansas wheat farmers by evening out the pool.


The thing about tariffs, I've always had this question in the back of my mind.  Yes, it would make the imports higher, but will that

make things better ?  first, if you add 20%, will that be enough to justify the company to build in the united states or will they figure

they are the only game in town, we'll still make our margin, it will just cost the americans more, but we'll still make the same ?

and second, what about us ?  I personally don't like 20% price increases.


on the "food for peace".......yes, that could argument could be made that in a few years we could be making

a quagmire, an area with no resources, dependent on shipped in food, and the only jobs available......well we will not go there,

needless to say, might be a big demand for ob/gyn  nurses....but, have any other ideas how to get rid of the "surplus" ?

the chemical and seed companys keep coming out with newer technologies that will produce more and more and

is possible to make a case that the companys are the ones responsible for it's own customers not making money, which

may, at some point and time, will be the companys downfall, in lack of business.

they already would be in trouble, but there are not enough small seed companys, that have generic cheaper seed.

the chemical companys are starting to feel a bit of a pain....rather than all these new, expensive checmicals.......we are

learning the older, cheaper, pre herbicides are more and more important.  a good crop production system can be made,

far cheaper than the new "banvel beans"....not only expensive chemical, but expensive seed.



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Re: Tomato beer or chelada ?

ElCheapo, I favor tariffs because every trade deal this country gets in, we get screwed ...oh I know agriculture is usually the one bright spot in those deals, but it`s just a "pawn" since food is cheap, that "success" comes at the expense of US manufacturing. 


About health insurance, what are you willing to "give" in the exchange?  Okay, on a car or a I-Phone or tv you shop around for the best deal.  But on healthcare there isn`t any shopping around or dickering on prices, you go and get the bill and probably don`t care what it is because your insurance is on the hook...well not really, they pay it for you but raise your premiums...YOU are the one on the hook.  As I`ve said before, my cheap buddy has a 80/20 insurance and he has a lot of hernia operations , he drags his feet paying the 20% ...well one day he got a letter "If you pay it off by the end of the month, we`ll knock 30% off", well he gets out his moldy money and pays it.  So there is room to dicker on your bills, it`s just most people either pay it or figure on stiffing the hospital and make them eat 100% of it.


You talk about "we need more Democrats in DC" well, Democrats like illegal aliens and they are breaking the hospitals in some areas, they get health care and don`t intend to pay or can`t because they "work so cheap" they can`t afford to pay (that`s why your lettuce is so cheap).   What do you want lettuce that costs what it costs or healthcare costs that are in most in line with reality?


But this breaking our necks selling below cost of production, I`m from the General Patton school of marketing   Smiley Happy



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Re: Tomato beer or chelada ?

One way to reduce hunger is to have people who need food grow it.  That doesn't help out the farmer who grows more than others can get to , but it does help the guy who is starving.


One way to reduce supply is to get the government out of agriculture.  Some people would go broke and survivors would figure out how to grow a profitable amount.


Reducing crops by idling CRP might mean less suitable land is used to grow crops.  Not too environmentally friendly.


We all want to get rich but we don't want to suffer.  Let the other guy suffer.  Kumbaya.



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Re: Tomato beer or chelada ?

yes jim, let the OTHER guy suffer

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Re: Tomato beer or chelada ?

Crp is nothing but a debt driving retirement plan to reduce the number of young farmers. It worked.
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Re: Tomato beer or chelada ?

The best idea is those that are poor and hungry to grow their own food, that way they can manage their own population by what they produce. And if they don`t have any money, it`s no skin off our nose being as we can`t sell them anything.   I recall the lament in the 70`s and 80`s of "we taught the world how to raise wheat, now they are our competitors...we cut our own throats".  I don`t know if that argument actually had any credibility or not, there`s a free flow of information in the world, anyone that can read a book can figure things out.   In the case of Brazil, I think it was American clowns that went down there with the bright idea of "Hey, let`s bulldoze the rainforest, put on 4 ton of lime and I`ll bet it`ll raise a helluva bean crop"....and it did.



Then you have Europe that remembered what it was to starve during and after WWII, so they took care of their farmers, 10 sows and a few cows on 100 acres or whatever that translates into hectares and they lived pretty good, new little Massey Ferguson tractors and all kinds of stuff, the governments even paid them to raise flowers to keep up with the touristy fairytale image.  The main problem was farming is such a good job, no one wanted to give it up so a young guy could start...kinda like here?  Smiley Happy   But a quick search on You Tube reveals they got big big big stuff in Europe now too.


But I do know that if John Deere isn`t selling $200,000 tractors they don`t keep producing into bankruptcy, they shut the factory down, lay off workers.   Since farming is such an individual deal and some are probably making money these days believe it or not, talked to a guy yesterday that sold new crop beans a year ago and will be getting $10 and he`s renting land all over tarnation and paying top dollar and people scratch their heads wondering "how does he do it????"  Well, I don`t think someone like that should be stymied, he just happens to be a shark in the markets. 


On the world grain market if our grain only moves at below cost of production prices, I think it`s stupid to keep swinging for the bleachers on higher yields into this kind of world market.  I mean we bust our hindends to sell this stuff that we`re losing money on and in the balance of trade Hyundai cars and Toshiba televisions come back.  Grain really shouldn`t be figured into the balance of trade to get a true picture of how really bad things are.


I guess in the George Patton School of Marketing, he would let the poor other arses around the world sell for below their cost of production if that`s what they feel they need to do. 



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