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Re: Tractorcade flashback

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A friend of mine saw a scientist on C-Span defending GMOs, saying, "farmers aren`t making money raising them".   This is all really funny, every scientist wants to be the next "Norman Borlaug" to feeeeed the world, so seed is developed that resists bugs and weeds and it works....for awhile.  But we have some farmers in tough shape, always people in the world starving and a glut of grain.  The super seeds run out of mojo and you get super weeds, super bugs and big problems and some farmers go broke. 


A few years after the tractorcade we sank into a farm crisis, I think more to do with Paul Volker and 20% interest rates more than anything.  I mean corn was $2.45, $45 hogs, 60¢ diesel, $90 28% and $50 a bag Pioneer...that`s golden if you aren`t in debt paying 20% interest.  I guess anyone wanting the "government to do something!" the best thing the government can do is keep interest rates low, not much you can do legally that you can pay $1 in $5 every year to service your debt.


It seems like `the rich get richer and the poor get children` so I don`t know what really good this feeeeeding the world stuff does.  Jesus, said "The poor will always be with you" ...well, duh? 

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