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Tractors and kissing?

 Any man who can drive a tractor safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

Larry at for farming

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Re: Tractors and kissing?

Very Good...... That in a nut shell is the dilemma of farming...... and romance.... Life is just too easy... no sweat

Distraction....... the work in either endeavor is simply not hard enough.  When the "auto steer " engages we have time to scan the internet and run over the gas pipe clearly marked in the field............ in romance .... when the internet comes on scanning distractions and new bikinis can put a serious dent or scratch in the luster of a relationship.  Distractions are always there when life is too easy

Respect......... goes out the window because the neighbor can quit early and go golfing for a couple of hours and get the same acres planted that you do before chore time  He looses respect and you don't feel any because the both of you have a best friend called twitter (you will never meet) and don't have time for each other.  The wife works in her own career and uses all the spare time shoping away her extra income or exercising to hold on to the muscle tone she works hard to loose.  She's got no respect from you or anyone else because she got sick of hearing about how good your grandma could cook years ago... and frankly the deli at the grocery cooks better than about every mother in the county these days so she's in therapy on tuesdays to get over most everything.............. its all far too easy.

Kissing a pretty girl..... even outside the tractor (running or not) is just far too risky --- and unpredictable.........

      1. Everybody has a camera.......... especially the one that planned or "planted" the kiss...... a good kiss takes a full nelson bear hug to avoid being in full exposure to a selfie.

     2.  If something appears "aggressive"......... your insurance premiums just doubled.  

     3.  Noone wants to go through the investigation into the intent of that aggression.

     4.  That would mean two humans are closer than 6 feet and both have masks off..... an imprisonable offense in some states.  and in the corn belt....... acres aren't getting planted.... intolerable .... could mean you have to serve your sentence in some place like arizona or purdue.

With the advent of technology --- the internet, social networking with fake humans, internet shopping, the instant education one gets by clever answers online, government by email, and internet medical care(you ain't getting any at the hospital)  Life is just easy.......... why risk the viruses one could catch, and we all know the evil viruses are carried by those that attract us.

And finally I am against the tractor kiss .... my wife never considered it an appropriate idea..... (Not gonna marry a farmer) .....Years later,  Has forgiven me somehow.... but thinks it unadvisable....Tractor lights these days are just too bright.  And the fields too short, or the planter runs too fast.

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