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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

Two things that are assumed here I struggle with..... 


The assumption that the market fails producers when it goes down.....  I don't buy that   it is just a simple equation summarizing the relationship between supply and demand.  And honestly there are way too few buyers and way too few producers to limit manipulation by either side...

The failure falls to the producer when he does not respond when the market asks him to trim supply.  This speaks loudly to the lack of diversification among producers.


Second,  The continued assumption that the ag. department of the federal government can actually make a difference...overall.

Mike..... Thank you so much for sharing this twitter visual.........




Do I have answers.............. not easy ones...... This is a struggle of survival in an environment that is not responsive to farm economics, small town economics or even votes.

This visual is the hole we are in and it is cloudy overhead.