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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

Oh quit being being a flower child (I wanted to
Use another word, but didn't think it would by
The censor, but trump did !)
The FB just smiles real big bragging how they
Have good relationship with elected officials.
Ok....times are bad, farmers needing help, even
Our own BA is driving a truck making deliveries for
Victoria secrets. You have a choice you get something thru that helps and stablize the rural
Economy, or your are hired to do
A job, do it. Oh we can do it, not enough votes.
Don't Tell me that, you get the votes. Washington
Is nothing more than one big bath tub, the water
Is not changed often, and everyone is wash each
Others back.
Look, the best thing ever done is linking food
Aid to the USDA. If you want to start cutting food
Aid to kids and old people, a few phone calls will
Have soccer moms , Baptist preachers and aarp
Raise the biggest stink you have ever seen.
Give the ad agency 24 hours and they will have
The most scrawny kid eating food with a USDA
Wrapper on the can, same with a bunch of 90
Pound old people with walks, canes, and throw
In a couple oxygen bottles...and they are eating
From a plate, and we pull back the camera so
We can see the USDA labels.
A little baby that gets food aid milk replacer.

It's all about the optics. No way in God's green
Earth is someone going to vote against that picture.
If they do, we call the ad agency, they track down
The congress person on video at a big dinner
With them stuffing their face with steak and
Lobster, then we show the poor kid with no food.

I think the vote just changed.....and remember the
Farm programs are about 15 to 20 percent.

Oh there you go, that ain't fair, that's not nice, it's
Not moral, it's not ethical....

Your right.,'s called business....just ask Tweety