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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

Hey SW, I don`t think the "market failed us" instead we failed the market, we saturated it with product....(but if we didn`t do it, someone else would, right?).  I used to think the market was manipulated and it is a little bit.  But the price we receive from buyers, they have their basis to make money, they make money no matter if prices are high or low, I don`t think they want their "laying hens" to go broke.  Endusers want cheap corn, which eventually gets fed to cheap hogs, but they`re so damned big and integrated these days that they own pork from "the sows to the cellophane" if one end loses money, they other end carries them.  


I think it`s this simple, if you want a independent family farmer (that haven`t won the lottery) they`ll have to be subsidized.  or if you don`t (I don`t have all the answers) then save the taxpayers the $20 or whatever billion and don`t bother with the façade of a farmbill and let the chips fall. 

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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

I'll throw my nickel worth for what it's worth.
There are alot of things wrong...I think part of
It is us. I think alot of people are castrated.
Yes, we don't use that pair that God give us
Between our legs, that produced copious amounts
Of testosterone. That give us the guts to stand
Up to things that were wrong and stopped it.
I remember when things were bad years ago
Farmers went to Washington with tractors and
Trucks. I personally own one of those trucks
That made the trip.
We don't do nothing now...we are kind and gentler
Now, we don't raise our voices, protest, we can't
Even put pencil to paper, do an email or even
A phone call when things are not going right.
I have to laugh, then cry....the FB has little get together
And say you need to educate people about agriculture
And how you can interface with people.
Can you believe that !!!!!!
They are the ones hired to help us....the FB was one
Of the groups that helped a neg image of us,
With huge new tractors, combines and pickups.

Have you called your congress person on a regular
Basis ? When they do their district tour and at
A town near you, do you go, grab their hand and
Give your opinion
If things are not right, and it impacts you, then you
Need to do something about it, rather than p*** and
Moan here or coffee shop.
I'm told you can't do anything..... first, there is
Safety in numbers, second, if man did it, it can
Be changed, if god did it, it can't

Have you taken inventory lately. ??
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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

The problem is ElCheapo, the cliché is that farmers can`t organize...and to be honest, do we really want to organize?  I mean to do so is pooling in with the lowest common denominators.   Now this is just my opinion, but is seems to me that before it`s a irreversible crisis and while we still have a little public goodwill, we should have a farm bill that would provide at least a piece of driftwood....or not and let the chips fall.   Sometimes it`s like a wildlife videographer having the policy of not interfering with a pack for cheetahs taking down baby gazelles.    Farmers have been so jaded with every 5yrs a "farm bill to end all farm bills" that it`s hard to get applause or a salute at proposals hoisted up the flagpole. 


I don`t know, I`m just counting the votes and see both sides and not sure who is right or wrong.

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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

Oh quit being being a flower child (I wanted to
Use another word, but didn't think it would by
The censor, but trump did !)
The FB just smiles real big bragging how they
Have good relationship with elected officials.
Ok....times are bad, farmers needing help, even
Our own BA is driving a truck making deliveries for
Victoria secrets. You have a choice you get something thru that helps and stablize the rural
Economy, or your are hired to do
A job, do it. Oh we can do it, not enough votes.
Don't Tell me that, you get the votes. Washington
Is nothing more than one big bath tub, the water
Is not changed often, and everyone is wash each
Others back.
Look, the best thing ever done is linking food
Aid to the USDA. If you want to start cutting food
Aid to kids and old people, a few phone calls will
Have soccer moms , Baptist preachers and aarp
Raise the biggest stink you have ever seen.
Give the ad agency 24 hours and they will have
The most scrawny kid eating food with a USDA
Wrapper on the can, same with a bunch of 90
Pound old people with walks, canes, and throw
In a couple oxygen bottles...and they are eating
From a plate, and we pull back the camera so
We can see the USDA labels.
A little baby that gets food aid milk replacer.

It's all about the optics. No way in God's green
Earth is someone going to vote against that picture.
If they do, we call the ad agency, they track down
The congress person on video at a big dinner
With them stuffing their face with steak and
Lobster, then we show the poor kid with no food.

I think the vote just changed.....and remember the
Farm programs are about 15 to 20 percent.

Oh there you go, that ain't fair, that's not nice, it's
Not moral, it's not ethical....

Your right.,'s called business....just ask Tweety
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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

Like I said, I`m counting the votes and so far ElCheapo and Smokey the liberals want America to continue getting screwed so they can sell their wheat in NAFTA and go in TPP.  Clayton is unsure, SW wants a program that if it gives the little guy $1/bushel for his 50,000 bushels then the big guy should get a $1 a bushel for every one of his 800 billion gazillion bushels...probably make it $1.10 a bushel cuz the big guys actually are the one`s feeding the world.  Bruce says "The NFO didn`t even ask for that!" and K-289 says it`s all "interesting"...sorry K-289 I`m funning with you  Smiley Happy


Then you have a hundred or so reading this not exercised enough to log in and comment.   So if you`re a politician lurking in and reading this, what take aways will they get?   Well, to me they`ll figure farmers want the same ol` same ol` write a $10 billion farm bill that gives a nickel or dime a bushel and then go to a Farm Bureau convention and brag about how he`s a "friend of the farmer" .   Well, you know what Mr. Lurking Politician?  don`t bother, don`t bother with a same ol` farm bill, save the taxpayer $10 billion and give me less hoops to jump through for a nickel a bushel....Either write one that does good or don`t bother!

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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

appreciate ya all........


But we gotta evaluate and really assess what happened in those citizen organized demands for help.

Your right I did not send a tractor to Washington..... I could barely afford to send it to the field and my banker went crosseyed with the idea of loaning me the money to go....

What did we gain....... The guys from my county who went were not in business within a decade.  My closest neighbor decided living was too much.  

We lost farmers, families, and neighbors.  A double leg grain storage facility still sits empty in our community with rotten grain in it from one of those bad timing decisions(early 80's) that went through the foreclosure and "agony of defeat" caused by fighting it to the bitter end.  All the congressional begging possible did not change it.  They were bandaids at best on a terminal economic cancer.

We lost big time in the 80's and those who survived it did not have enough money to go to a concert to honor the dead.

We love to repaint history but I cannot name one farm program in my 60 years in the fields that produced markable gains for producers.  

1. the fifties government loan guarantees helped the communities build grain storage..... second hand assistance for producers who in my area were piling their excess crops at the end of the field and trucking them east to poultry and ports when not grazing and feeding them.

2.  Beyond that I don't know that farm programs have helped the little guy much.  Even CRP--- in reality is just helping more rural residents make an exit.  In our area that ten year program has been going on for 30+ years and when it stops the farmer is not there.


Some see it as the only avenue of change available.  I see farm programs as a sign we have lost our independence of thought.

We are surrounded by an economy of guarantees, labor organizations, soft landings, severance packages, social programs.  Even usda's own budget is 70% unaccessible to the active farmer--- gone to cushion the lives of those non farmers locked into government assistance. 


sorry I see farm programs as no different than the other areas of government assistance.  They don't fix much... They lock you into the problems you have....... so they can assist you.   

One of the things i see going on consistantly,  is the depleting of assets to qualify for ............. fill in the blank.  

IMO -- that is not a good sign.... for agriculture or government.


BA.... as a friend.... I'll share a personal thought with ya...... We manage property (my term for renting enough ground to need a payroll) (so your right a little) childhood neighbors are gone and their families call to check on things.  I often find myself asking... am I a good manager, or the fool who stayed?  They gave us responsibility, their choice.  And a good neighbor moved away and left us  with the neighbors who now think their problems were caused by our choice.  I still want to be and have a good neighbor.  Just gotta look a little harder..



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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

SW, as a Republican I do lean on the side of getting the government out of farming.   However these days I think this is true (somebody look it up) but there`s 4 times more hogs in Iowa than people and there are 15,000 population counties where 1 farmer with take care of more hogs than in the entire county and there are several neighbors with similar operations...well the government does have to be involved as a referee so stupid things aren`t done.  Back in the old days when a hog farmer carried ear corn in bushel baskets to his hogs and there wasn`t the manure pits and lagoons there wasn`t any issues at all.  I don`t know if today is an improvement or not, but it is what it is.


Perhaps we will go from large family farms +20,000 acres to a public traded corporation that "manages" 2 million acres.  With autonomous machinery, who knows where this will end up 10 years from now.  I`ll tell you one thing, in my travels I see Amish farmers probably milking 20 cows and thriving and I see large family farms milking 2,000 head and some thriving and some struggling.  !0 years from now, I guarantee that Amish farmer will be there, not so sure about the 2,000hd family farmer with his yard full of cars of employees and Lely robot milkers in the parlor.


I`m too young (hee hee) to understand the Russian grain embargo, that was Dad`s problem and at that time we fed and chopped all the corn we raised, but many neighbors claimed it brought on the 80`s farm crisis.   I could see today ag products being a pawn in potential trade wars.   I guess I do see at least an argument that the government has a obligation to protect those sectors vulnerable to a foreign trade retaliation.

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Re: Trade Disruption Insurance?

I used to keep a map of the known universe hanging on a wall by my desk.

I called it my "perspective keeper" cuz it reminded me of how small and insignificant we are.

I doubt we'll ever get more than a bone thrown to us by the feds since we're a pretty small piece of the budget pie.

They keep telling us that without the assistance programs in the package we wouldn't even get the bone.

I think we would still get the bone but it probably wouldn't be pleasant.


There's a pretty good line near the bottom where it talks about deficit cutting.

Remember what it takes to pay off the principal on a $20 trillion debt.

A $250 billion surplus for 80 years.  What's the chances of that happening!!


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