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Trimming drought's 'tail'

Wrote a story the other day about ways to avoid the "tail" of the drought down the road, dealing with beef cattle. Basically, it's the notion that there are some things you can do now to prevent the hangover from the drought from lasting too much longer when (not IF, but WHEN!) the rains finally start coming again. 


Got me wondering: Is there anything you're doing, whether it's with your crop, livestock or even machinery management, to help "avoid the drought's tail" in other ways? I know there's been a little talk lately about what this drought might be doing to the soil for next year, heaven forbid, if this stinkin' drought continues through the fall and winter. So, is there anything you think you can do to prepare? Or, is a good frog-strangler about every other day between now and next April about the only thing that can do us any good?

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