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Trump folded

on his tariffs against the EU and they appear to be willing to remove theirs.


They acknowledged that they're buying soybeans which they already are.


Can't take all this winning.

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Re: Trump folded

"Trump folded," the market would disagree with you.


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Re: Trump folded

The market is discounting the likelihood that CCC will buy up stocks.*


And wheat put in some good action yesterday.


*As far as norms that are broken on what seems a daily basis, the WH jawing down oil prices (with specious claims) and more recently the dollar is a dangerous precedent.


No warning will save those who already know everything from the echo chamber.

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Re: Trump folded

Does the market move to support your theories often? Or just when you need it to.
I can’t find much support to the idea that the “market” represent anything other than random reflection on a small segment of public opinion.
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