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Re: Trump is not our friend

They`re the same idiots that say I should no-till ....Smiley Very Happy   okay I shouldn`t stir the pot...sorry no-tillers.   



But, I`m part hippie, part hillbilly and part rebel, so I travel in interesting circles.  The hippie part of me sees the "No GMOs!  No CAFOs!  and know your farmer and eco friendly"  that`s been around a very long time, back when Russia was communist (and our "friend") and Donald Trump was a young NYC developer with no political aspirations.  My hippie friends that don`t particularly like president Trump would take extreme offence that their eco friendly lifestyle is some how a "invention of the Vladimir Putin regime"....they were anti-GMO before most people knew what a GMO and "frankenfood" was and Roundup still did "kill everything".  


Charlie Walters of the Acres USA paper and other old hippies from the Rodale Institute were warning about "super weeds" and the dangers of pesticides...Rachel Carson and such.  The older I get, the less crazy those old hippies seem to me....but by God, I sure do love pulling out the sprayer and killin` me some weeds!